Effective Tech & Payment Systems for your Business

The holistic approach to Business IT needs

We manage IT with a difference, develop Apps & Web workflows, and cut costs on card payment processing to ensure optimal efficiency!

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Our Services

Merchant Services

We optimise all card payment processing setups and save our clients considerable money when taking card payments - whether via physical terminals, link to pay, or an online payment gateway.

Tech Development

We have over 250 developers and a leadership team who looks at the full picture for successful tech projects. We can build ERP systems and CRM integrations, as well as recommending quality tools & platforms.

IT & Tech Fit-outs

We provide managed IT services, support, with great rates on hardware, software, Office365 licences, data backup, and cybersecurity products as well as engineers to go on site for office/shop fit-outs

What we do

Tech Optimisation

Free Tech Consultation

Whether you need new hardware, software, data back-up, or cybersecurity, we can advise on an efficient setup and offer ongoing IT support. We can set up computers for new hires, and train them in on software with basic tips for cybersecurity to ensure they stay compliant.

Data Security
Efficient use of software
Automation Evaluation
Bespoke process implementation

Tech Process Setup / Training

We offer a free assessment, recommend tech solutions for you to implement and we aim to get you set up to be self-sufficient.  However, if you need help with the implementation or further training on certain platforms, we can quote you a fair hourly rate.

Sales Platforms and Implementation

Are you using technology to identify ideal clients and take them through the sales process? With our tech tools, we can help you get verified business emails & automate email outreach campaigns while ensuring GDPR compliance. 

How about more impressive content by using personalisation?  This can be automated, and it often triples conversion!

Recruitment ATS

Save massive amounts of time by letting technology automate the mundane admin, and get it to work for you with predictive features from our top class applicant tracking system, Hire with Leo. 

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Who we help

Office-Based Businesses

Managed IT support, hardware & software, setting up staff with the right equipment, VoIP phones, & internet.

Legal, Accounting & Financial Services


Retail & Hospitality

IT fit-outs including POS Tills, Merchant Services & Digital Signage


manufacturing ireland

Managed IT and bespoke workflows to improve efficiency between orders and production.


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