How to know a good deal with Merchant Services

What fees should you or should you not be paying? In short, your merchant services bills will typically be broken down in 3 ways: 1. Monthly Terminal Rental or Online Portal Fee Terminal rental would typically be between €25-€35 per terminal but this can be reduced if there is high volume of transactions (or if compensated with higher rates which can actually benefit those with a low monthly card payment turnover). 2. Monthly PCI Admin fee Typically this is around €5-€6 and set as a fixed fee by the payment gateway provider. 3. Rates per… Read More »How to know a good deal with Merchant Services

Best Business Bank account for small businesses

Save money on business banking

Traditional banks may offer 2 years free banking to startups but you end up paying high fees thereafter. While online-only banks are not new to the scene, the best value we’ve found is with N26, with Revolut Business a second runner up. N26 is backed up by the Central Bank in Germany so your money is 100% safe. You can bank with them for free and the only fees is with ATM withdrawals of Irish government stamp duty of 12c per withdrawal with a maximum cap of €5/year.  You can get cashback of .1% on… Read More »Save money on business banking